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Should I add a house & land to my portfolio?

Houses are typically far enough away from the hustle-and-bustle of the inner city that its residents enjoy a quiet atmosphere, close-knit community and surrounding natural attractions like the beach, river or national park. With a larger footprint, a well-designed house must be built for its location. This includes the evolving needs of its residents as they transition from couple, to family, to empty nesters.

Many architects are designing new houses with multiple living spaces to accommodate growing families and children that stay at home for longer. For investors, houses are typically more expensive than apartments and townhouses, but experience slightly higher capital growth. They attract a different type of tenant and are a cornerstone of a well-diversified property portfolio.

What are the advantages of investing in house & land?

House and land is an important component of any property investment portfolio and no diverse portfolio is complete without one. Some of the advantages of investing in a house include:

  • Flexibility of use – Investing in a house is likely to allow an investor more control over how it’s used. An investor can choose to simply rent out the existing space, subdivide, renovate or knock-down and rebuild over the long-term..

  • Long-term rental potential – With more control over an investment property comes greater flexibility in terms of what can be offered to potential renters. As an investor in a house you may choose to allow pets and offer longer-term rental agreements to ensure longevity and protect against loss of rental income between tenants

  • Higher capital growth – House and land investments tend to offer higher capital growth than apartments and townhouses. Of course there are factors that must be taken into account with this assumption such as location and the state of the market at the time of sale.


Performance – Traditionally higher capital growth and no strata management fees.

Growth Drivers – Higher land content, proximity to schools, beaches, parks and highways.

Location – Typically within 15-50km of a Town Center or business hub.

Tenants – Families with children or couples with a need for space.


How can you be confident you’re investing in the right house & land package?

Many Australians may be keen to buy a new house because of its growth location, government incentives on offer, relative affordability, potential tax advantages or simply to enjoy the cutting-edge design that suits a contemporary lifestyle and appeals to a high-calibre tenant or future owner-occupier. But all houses aren’t created equally. How can you be sure of the delivery and quality of the end product?

We share the same concerns. That’s why we thoroughly review every property we recommend, and only partner with industry-leading developers.


Quality – Developers who share our passion for delivering houses of an exceptional quality.

Legacy – A proven track record of delivering quality houses in the right locations.

Value – An affordable price point that represents value for investors.

Why would we turn down a housing development?

Our brand reputation means we can be as selective as we want when it comes to choosing which developers we partner with and which houses we recommend to our investors. In reviewing a housing development, we’re considering many factors including location, convenience, comparable pricing, size, floorplans, contract terms and surrounding infrastructure. And of course, the developer: what’s their track record, which builder are they using, what’s their strategy to ensure the development gets off the ground successfully.

Investing in house and land packages with Elliman & Co presents a strategic opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio, tapping into the potential for significant growth and stability. These properties, nestled in serene locations away from the urban rush, offer a harmonious blend of community, tranquility, and access to nature’s beauty, including pristine beaches, serene rivers, and expansive national parks. The architectural designs of these homes are thoughtfully crafted, taking into account the unique characteristics of the surrounding landscape as well as the dynamic needs of residents through different life stages, from young couples to growing families and ultimately, to empty nesters seeking comfort and peace.


Why Elliman & Co Stands Out in House and Land Investments:

  • Unmatched Flexibility: Our house and land packages offer investors unparalleled flexibility, enabling a myriad of possibilities from leasing to subdividing, renovating, or completely redeveloping the property. This flexibility is crucial for adapting investment strategies over time to align with evolving market trends and personal investment objectives.
  • Optimized Long-term Rental Potential: The autonomy provided by our packages allows for a variety of rental options, accommodating diverse tenant needs such as pet-friendly environments and longer lease terms. This strategic control is instrumental in enhancing tenant retention, thereby ensuring a steady and reliable rental income stream.
  • Superior Capital Growth Potential: The strategic selection of locations and commitment to quality construction are hallmarks of Elliman & Co’s house and land investments, often resulting in superior capital growth when compared to the more common investment options like apartments and townhouses. This growth potential, however, is influenced by prevailing market conditions and the specific attributes of the location.

Elliman & Co’s Unique Value Proposition:

  • Exceptional Performance: Our properties are renowned for their potential to achieve higher capital growth, offering a clear advantage over investments burdened by strata management fees.
  • Strategic Growth Drivers: We meticulously select properties that boast significant land value and are situated near essential amenities such as schools, parks, and key transportation links, all of which contribute to the property’s growth potential.
  • Prime Locations: Our house and land packages are strategically positioned within 15-50km of central business districts or major business hubs, striking the perfect balance between peaceful living and convenient access to urban amenities.
  • Desirable Tenant Demographics: Our properties are specifically designed to appeal to families and couples in search of spacious and comfortable living environments, ensuring consistent demand and rental income.



Ensuring Investment Wisdom with Elliman & Co:

  • Commitment to Quality: We forge partnerships only with industry-leading developers known for their dedication to excellence, ensuring that every home meets our stringent quality standards.
  • Proven Developer Legacy: Our developers are carefully chosen based on their proven track record of delivering high-quality homes in desirable locations, enhancing the attractiveness and value of our properties.
  • Unbeatable Value: We are committed to providing properties that offer genuine value for our investors, skillfully balancing cost considerations with the potential for rewarding returns.

Elliman & Co’s Rigorous Selection Process:

  • Focus on Location & Convenience: We prioritize properties in accessible and appealing locations, enhancing both the quality of life for residents and the investment potential for our clients.
  • Competitive Pricing & Sizing: Our offerings are competitively priced and appropriately sized, aligning with investor expectations and prevailing market standards.
  • Attention to Floorplans & Contract Terms: We meticulously evaluate the practicality of the property’s design and the fairness of contract terms, ensuring they serve the best interests of our investors.
  • Exclusive Developer Collaborations: Our partnerships are reserved exclusively for developers with a robust track record and a strategic approach to ensuring the successful completion and delivery of projects.

Choosing to invest in a house and land package with Elliman & Co is more than just a financial decision; it’s a step towards a future of sustainable growth, flexibility, and long-term profitability. Our comprehensive approach to selecting and presenting the best possible investment opportunities ensures that our clients have access to top-tier market offerings, laying a solid foundation for a prosperous and rewarding investment journey.

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