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At Elliman & Co, our ethos centers on being more than just a consultancy, we embody the very essence of property investment success. With roots deeply entrenched in the world of property investment, our team doesn't just advise, we actively engage in the market, leveraging our firsthand insights to deliver unparalleled off-market opportunities. Since our inception, we've been the compass for numerous investors, navigating them through the complexities of portfolio expansion with a blend of personalized mentorship, cutting-edge research, and strategies sculpted to individual goals. We understand the hurdles that come with property investment, which is why we've streamlined the process, ensuring you're supported at every juncture of your investment odyssey.

At Elliman & Co, you're not just gaining a service, you're inheriting the wealth of knowledge and experience from our cadre of seasoned investors, builders, and developers. With our exclusive Portfolio Approach strategy, you're poised to receive property recommendations of the highest calibre, all while leveraging the formidable buying power of our collective. In a realm where nuances dictate success, Elliman & Co stands as your beacon, illuminating the path to property portfolio excellence.

Integral to our ethos is the collaboration with Melbourne's most reputable builders and developers, each carefully selected for their proven track records of excellence and reliability. This selective partnership ensures that the properties we recommend are not only of superior quality but also bring a unique value proposition to your portfolio. By connecting with Elliman & Co, you gain access to an elite network of industry leaders, committed to turning your investment aspirations into reality. Join us, and embark on a journey where distinguished expertise meets unparalleled opportunity, redefining the standards of property investment.

Empower an investor with a property and they secure a future, enlighten them with the wisdom of investment, and they build a legacy.

Elliman & Co

Transforming dreams into addresses, we provide unmatched real estate solutions with a focus on excellence and personalized service. Discover a new standard in real estate with us.

What we stand for

Expertise and passion drive our real estate services, ensuring smooth transactions. With a deep understanding of the market, we're committed to finding your first property and building your investment portfolio.


Trust defines Elliman & Co. We earn it through clear, honest communication and by consistently delivering results. Our transparent approach ensures clients feel secure and supported, forging a reliable partnership for their investment journey.


Integrity is our guiding principle, driving us to uphold the highest ethical standards. Our commitment to doing right by our clients and the industry underpins our actions, earning us a reputation for fairness and responsibility.


Our commitment is to our clients' success. We tirelessly work to secure the best outcomes, offering a personalized service that extends beyond transactions to build enduring relationships and legacies.

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