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Portfolio approach

We’re different to many property investment companies as we take the portfolio approach to investing.
Discover more about our distinctive investment strategy and its potential benefits for your investment Goals.

Our unique investment strategy is built with careful consideration, combining thorough research, market knowledge, and established methods. It's crafted to not only bring in solid returns but also to give you peace of mind as you invest. By tailoring our approach to fit your individual financial goals, comfort with risk, and time frame, our aim is to give you the tools to make smart choices and tackle the challenges of investing with confidence. Whether you're looking to grow your wealth, safeguard your funds, or reach particular financial goals, our signature investment strategy is here to back you at every stage of your journey.

  • Utilize strategic benefits by diversifying your investments.
  • Tap into different phases of Australian market cycles.
  • Aim for a combination of capital growth and income generation.

What does a balanced property portfolio look like?

While investing in one or two properties can yield profits, the true path to financial success lies in expanding your investments to create a substantial property portfolio. Building a collection of four or more properties is crucial, and diversifying your investments can help navigate various market cycles and mitigate short-term volatility, ensuring you meet your desired returns. Australia offers a wide array of property markets, each presenting unique opportunities, and diversifying your investments across these markets can offer significant advantages.

At Elliman & Co, we only concentrate on the Melbourne market, dedicating significant time to research and fostering relationships with reputable builders and developers that have a proven track record.

Benefits of a portfolio approach to investing

While many Australians want to get into property investment or wish to own their own home, those just starting out might find it challenging to take the first step. Meanwhile, people who already own one or two properties may not have the time, strategy, or knowledge to enhance their portfolio further.

We understand the distinct strategic benefits that come with diversifying a property portfolio by focusing on a variety of affordable properties, such as townhouses and home and land packages located in Master communities and high growth corridors across Melbourne.

Our Portfolio Approach is crafted to guide you in developing a successful and sustainable property portfolio. We suggest diversification by accumulating a portfolio of four or more properties in Australia, which should include at least one property with a significant land component and another that has high rental yield.

First time investor

Feeling uncertain about where to begin? Our seasoned team is here to walk you through the entire process, from start to finish.

Experienced investor

Looking to expand your current investments? Discover how to develop a property portfolio with our guidance.


Not quite ready to take the investment plunge? Join us at one of our FREE workshops to gain more insight into investing.

Why affordable properties?

  • Invest without sacrificing your current lifestyle.
  • Accelerate the expansion of your property portfolio.
  • Minimize vacancies with access to a wider potential rental market.
  • Seize opportunities for long-term capital growth.

Why affordable properties?

  • Leverage varying market cycles to your advantage.
  • Keep your investments below the state land tax threshold.
  • Construct a portfolio that withstands changes and uncertainties.
  • Diversify your investments to avoid concentrating risk in one area.
Talk to an experienced strategist to and create a personalised plan today.

Examples of the portfolio approach

Apartments, townhouses and standalone houses each have their own unique benefits. By incorporating a mix of these, you can target different investment property portfolio goals – just like these investors.

Miranda & Brent


Highschool Teacher & Carpenter


Long - term wealth creation


3 properties

Ravi & Priti


Computer Engineer


Tax minimisation


3 properties

ways we can assist you in beginning your property investment journey

Interested in learning how to develop a property portfolio in Melbourne? Consider scheduling a complimentary strategy session with one of our seasoned strategists.

End-to-end investment services


We offer guidance to enhance your comprehension of the property market, simplify the investment journey, uncover opportunities, and provide you with the insights necessary for informed decision-making in property investment.

Tailored for you

Arrange for a personal strategic analysis at no cost, aimed at meticulously identifying your needs and goals, providing a detailed understanding of your current and potential future financial position.


Use our portfolio method to make a plan for putting together your own set of investments. This approach focuses on mixing different types of properties in a way that fits your money goals, how much risk you're willing to take, and what you want to achieve in the long run, aiming for a well-rounded and growing investment collection.

Locating the right properties

Find the perfect property that matches your needs, available in Melbourne's most reputable areas and growing regions that are sure to bring you a positive return.

Portfolio & property management

Our partnered property management team provides specialized attention and care in managing your investments, ensuring each property receives the individual focus it deserves for optimal performance.

Data, insights & research

We conduct thorough research, drawing on information from over 50 diverse sources, to support your investment choices. This comprehensive approach ensures you make well-informed decisions based on a broad spectrum of insights and data.

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