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Positive vs Negative Gearing

When it comes to property investment, the debate between positive gearing and negative gearing often dominates the conversation. At Elliman & Co, we're committed to providing our clients with the insights and support they need to thrive in the property market. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of positive and negative gearing, exploring their implications for cash flow, tax...

How To Start Investing In Property

Thinking about diving into property investment but feeling a bit overwhelmed on where to start? You're not alone. This blog is crafted to demystify the property investment journey for newcomers like you. We've seen firsthand the hurdles and triumphs of first-time investors. Our aim here is to share insights to smooth your path into the investment world. In this blog, you’ll get an idea of when / what /...

Investing in a Townhouse

Should I add a townhouse to my portfolio?As the cost of land skyrockets and the great Australian dream of a big backyard becomes unreachable for many, a townhouse offers a more affordable alternative. Townhouses have widespread appeal; the additional indoor and outdoor space is highly desirable for families whilst the lower maintenance makes them ideal for downsizers.Busy professionals are also attracted...

Co-Living Build Investment in Melbourne, Australia: A Comprehensive Guide

Co-living, a modern form of housing where residents share living spaces, utilities, and sometimes even workspaces, is rapidly gaining popularity in urban centers around the world, including Melbourne, Australia. This innovative living arrangement not only fosters community and shared experiences but also presents a unique investment opportunity for those looking to dive into the real estate...

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